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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Hi Everyone!
Hope you're doing well!

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, I was hit by a bad headache. (Another one!) This is part of that stupid flu going around! I finally got rid of it on Thursday! The only thing that really helped, was putting an ice pack on top of my head! I hope this flu is gone for good! It keeps coming back!

I still kept my painting going. This is a sneak peak of what I'm working on.
I'm really going to try, hopefully by this weekend, to start putting my art on the clothes and articles! I want to get it started, before I have to do my taxes!

Keep warm! I know this week, we had tones of snow, but, I think by next week, it will be all gone! (Secretly I'm hoping for more snow! I know, I'm crazy! LOL!)

Big Hugs!

Friday, February 10, 2017

Hi Everyone 😀
Hope you're doing well!
I'm all better from being sick!

I haven't talked about the "gym" in a long time! December and January weren't good months for me. Actually, you can include the end of November too. I actually gained back 10 pounds!

The last time we talked about my weight, I think I had lost 22 pounds. Well, I now have 32 pounds off! Happy Dance! I went through that down spiral, but I got myself out of it. We all go through things, don't we! I'm not giving up! I'm going to keep my smile bright and carry on! I don't know how long it's going to take me, but I am going to succeed!

For the past couple of weeks, I have been working on this painting. Especially, when I have been hungry! LOL! I kept putting layer, upon layer of paint on the canvas, when my mind was going to other places, but I finally finished it!

"Change Your Thoughts, Change Your World" (12" x 16" canvas)

Big Hugs

Friday, February 3, 2017

Hi Everyone!
Hope you're all well!

This week, I have been up and down! I guess I got that stupid stomach flew that has been going around! Not fun! But, I am hanging in!!

I did finish the Baby Crow special order for Finland 😃
I was very touched by the name that was chosen for this baby! His name is "Litha". The name means "A Beam Of Light" in Xhosa.  Xhosa is a language from South Africa. I am truly so grateful to have been asked to create this piece! This is the biggest Baby Crow I have created! 11" x 14". I was taken out of my comfort zone and that is a good thing!
This is what he looked like the last time you saw him.
May I introduce "Litha"
I also finished one more 10" x 20" canvas painting. 
"Sacred Calling"

Big Hugs 😊