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Friday, August 26, 2016

Hi Everyone!
Hope you're all well! ( long post, get a drink!)
For the past week, I have been in an unsettled mood. Cleaning, donating, rearranging, you name it, I've been doing it! LOL! Change of the season coming? I don't know. But, I always feel, if you are getting a push to do something, do it!

I've been thinking about all that I have accomplished since January and I'm very proud of myself. Not only about truly loving myself, but seeing everything in a different light! Being in control of me, not others. Letting go! No fear! Understanding the way people act, is about them! Doing some major healing and vibing to my beat! LOL!

Yes, many people who are closest to me, don't get it and that's fine. We are all on our own paths. But, I have to tell you something, when you truly heal, love yourself, let go, put your affirmations out there, be grateful! The universe listens!
Sure, there are still somedays, that I get down and question what just happened!! Before, I would have let it drag on,  ( I learned, whatever you focus on grows!), but now, I get over it! Meditate, change and calm down!

That is a major thing, if you want change, you have to be that change!
"Ego says when I change everything, all those little things will fall into place. Spirit says, once I change one thing, I will change everything!"
That's right, just one thing, will change everything!
This is so true!!!

I think when I cut my hair, that was the first big change in my life. I know so many people still can't believe it! My hair was down to my butt, all one length.  When I looked into the mirror, before I cut it, I said to myself, what the hell are you doing Little Crow? I was going through a bottle of conditioner, every time I washed my hair and even then, it took me like an hour to get a comb through it! The only reason why it was long, was to cover up my thinning hair! The only reason, why I died my hair (every month), was to make it look fuller, again to cover up my thinning hair!!!

Why am I covering up my head? I love my head! Why am I so ashamed of myself?? Just to be validated by other people??? So out came the scissors and I started chopping! I haven't stopped chopping! LOL!

I would also wear hats all the time too! Now, if I want to wear a hat, it's because I think it looks funky!

The only person who has to validate you, is you!!!
If someone doesn't like you because of something, move on! Who cares if they don't like you! They are not part of your tribe, your life journey! Your tribe will be there for you 100%! Loving YOU 100%!

Remember, you can never be rejected, unless you reject yourself!

The one thing when I started loving me and healing myself, with different situations and people around me. I looked back in my life. As much as I could remember and I saw so many things, that repeated in my life!!! Of course, "I wasn't getting the messages" being told to me! Life will keep throwing you things, over and over! It's up to us to get that "Ok I got it moment"! If you don't heal, get the message, everything will keep repeating!!!

Even when you think you got it, other things will occur! That's life! "We are all works in progress! Even nature is growing! We are never finished! One step at a time!"


On a down note, Canada post still hasn't settled anything and the latest news, was that they put their notice in, that they could be going on strike in 72 hours, which would be August 28th. Even if they don't go on strike, we have been warned, that they can disrupt the postal service at any time, without giving any notice! (Before they had to give notice.) I really hope this gets settled soon! It has been dragging on for too long!

I will leave you on a happy note! Some new art!!!
"Little Crow" (4" x 5" canvas)

"The Witch Is In" (5" x 5" canvas)
Big Hugs

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Hi Everyone! Hope you're all doing well!
I finished another painting and you guessed it, it's called Dragon Heart.
I need your help on something. Again, with the picture taking issues! Please tell me which picture you prefer. I know everyone has different devices, so it will be interesting to hear what you think.
Picture number 1
Picture number 2
For me number 2 is the best. But, does it look too shiny to you?
I hope you enjoy Dragon Heart. It was fun painting her. She is a strong, powerful female!
Big Hugs

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

I'm BACK!!!
It was the new anti virus! So everything is under control now! Smiles :)

So, let me show you a painting, that has went through several changes!!
This is the first time, I thought it was finished.
Now, what was making me upset, I couldn't get the "right"colour of red to show up in my photos! It was looking too orange to me, when the background was a nice blue red.

So, I decided to change the painting!!! This is the second time, I thought it was finished.
Still taking pictures, the colours were not coming out properly!

This is the third time! I am finished! I think! LOL! Something totally different!
Let me introduce, "Dream Land". (lots of texture!) (can you believe this is the same painting!)
I think I will keep it! Something totally different from me! And, I think now, if I truly love the painting, I am not going to paint over it! I will just try to describe it as best as I can!

The other two crows will be coming back!

I have also began painting for my giveaway. I wanted to have it in September. My birthday month! The post office better be working!
Here are two sneak peaks of what I have finished so far.

Big Hugs!! It's good to be back!